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Work with "Do's" and not with "Do Not's"

When people are often working with their pet's behaviors they often focus on what they don't want the animal to do. Changing our thought processes on these problems can go a long way in creating real change to the behavior. Instead of thinking what we "don't" want them to do, think about what we "do" want them to do in that scenario. Instead of jumping on us, we want them to sit calmly. Instead of chasing something, we want them to look/come to us. Instead of charging the door, we want them to sit at a location.

Often when I am talking with clients I use this analogy: "When we are yelling at our dogs to "stop" or "no" it is like a boss yelling at us that we are not doing something correctly, but that boss never actually informs or shows us what we actually need to do." In this boss scenario we become frustrated and angry. Often we just continue doing it the way we know how to do it. A "No" marker can be used, but it must be followed with guidance toward a correct behavior. By working on what we want the pup to do instead, we can exponentially increase our success and ending the behaviors we don't want.

In this video I go over a few examples of teaching alternative behaviors and how that helps instead of just saying "no".

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