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Upcoming Price Increase

A heads up for all current clients and those thinking about our services. After a business analysis, we have decided to increase our pricing. These new prices will go into effect on January 1st, 2022. All clients locked in before January 1st will be locked in with our old prices until July 1, 2022. After July 1, 2022, everyone will be on the new pricing.

For those that are not clients at this time but have been thinking about it, you have until July 1st to schedule and pay your first invoice so that you too are locked in at the current prices.

Thank you everyone for all the support and trust with your furry companions.

Upcoming Pricing:

Training Session Packages 1 $125 3 $325.00 6 $550.00 10 $750.00

Dog Walks: $25.00 Dog Sitting: $20.00 per hour dog sitting per day: $40.00 (includes 3 visits) dog Sitting w/ training: $50.00 Dog Sitting Overnight: $100.00

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