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Kennel Training Cats for Emergencies

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

In the beginning of I was trained with Kansas State Animal Response Team (KSART). This group goes to disasters in Kansas and creates animal shelters to help care for displaced pets and the pets of the people having to escape their homes. There was a lot of discussion about preparedness. This reminded me of a time when I lived in GA and the fire alarm went off in the apartment that I lived in. Every apartment around me had pets, but I was the only one with my pets outside in kennels. It took me a few more seconds to get my cats in that emergency and since then I have worked on training my cats to go into their kennels on command. This makes gathering our furry family members much faster and easier.

Below are links to help donate to KSART and also information that KSART has put out to help you be prepared with your pet in a disaster.

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