Holiday Sale 2020

Enjoy 25% off This Festive Season

Now until December 31st, 2020

Use promo code HolidaySale if booking online.

This holiday season BBB will have a sale of 25% off all invoices for December. This includes training fees and any travel fees for those outside of Garden City or Holcomb.

You may have heard that there is an increase in animals going to shelters after Christmas. I had heard the same thing before and a few years ago had planned to write an article about this very subject. To my pleasant surprise, I discovered this was in fact a myth. When I looked for studies regarding adoption rates and pet return rates to shelters there wasn't any information backing this idea. In fact, pets received as gifts have a higher retention rate, but that doesn’t mean they should be given lightly. The studies do tell us what the main factors associated with relinquishing pets are: inappropriate expectations, lack of regular vet care, and not attending obedience classes. In other words, go into the commitment with eyes wide open. That’s it. Do the research and know what to expect from the pet. Be prepared for the behaviors that the animals have. Birds call out, dogs bark, cats sharpen their claws, etc. Understanding why animals do the things they do helps to minimize and guide the behaviors in your home. Accepting the animal behaviors and learning how to use positive training to guide the behavior goes much further to keeping the whole family together.

To assist with keeping pets in homes we will be holding a Holiday Sale for 25% off all lessons (and travel fees) purchased the month of December. These lessons can be used for your own family or gifted to others. If you'd like a certificate for gifting purposes please contact me and I will get the certificate to you. The lessons don't have to be in December, but the invoice must be paid in full by December 31st to receive the 25% discount.

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