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Focusing on Community Safety and Online Consultations

It is with a heavy heart that today I will be no longer working with clients face to face. This is a temporary measure that is being taken due to current events. For the safety of my clients, family, friends, and community we have come to this decision. Many may not know, but my wife is a 911 dispatcher and that is part of the reason for this decision. Our local dispatch teams are in partial quarantine to minimize the staff from becoming ill as our communities' need for them increases. This is why we are instituting policies in our home to decrease the chances of spreading illness to my wife, her coworkers, and other first responders.

We will continue to offer online consultations. Online consultations are video consultations and have proven to be highly successful over the years. This is in part due to my decade of experience with online teaching that I received as a zoo educator.

For many people working from home can be challenging with the demands of their four-legged and winged family members not understanding the need to get work done on the computer. Training and some simple changes can improve your productivity and improve communication with your pets.

We are here to help.

Stay safe.

We are all in this together.

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