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Example of a Training Session

Earlier this month I had a training session with a client and we were checking to see how things were going. I thought we could share how these sessions work by seeing how this energetic 5 month old pup was doing after 5 sessions.

Generally the first session is a lot of talking and learning on the part of the client followed by me working with the pup after our discussion. This lets me know what we need to be working on and lets my clients know what to be looking for when I start working with the pup. I then hand over the behavior training to the client with me there guiding them. After that we assign some homework and I come back in a week or two. I check how the training is going. Then we add more behaviors/training to the pups repertoire and tweak anything we need to tweak on the part of the pup or the owner.

As always, please send me any questions and I'll try to get to them. Have a great 2019.

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