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Frustrated with puppy?
Feeling defeated with aggressive behaviors?

I can help without using pain or fear.

Let me help you enjoy your furry family.

My Services

Dog Walker


Have an organization or group of friends that would like to host a group class?  If you have a location, I can bring the knowledge. 

The 10-week course will teach participants how to train their pets using Whitney’s fear-free and pain-free methodologies. Basic obedience, pet advocation, and how to think like a trainer

Maximum of 5 participants.  $1100

There is a $1 per mile travel fee added to those outside of Garden City or Holcomb.

Working from Home

Online Consultation

We work together via Zoom to create behavior plans and work towards functional behaviors.

Each session runs about an hour.

Each session is $60.

The only thing needed is a decent internet connection and a camera so that I can guide you and your animals toward success.



Let me do most of the bulk work.  I work with your dog 3 days a week and then work with you and your dog 1 day a week so you know how to maintain what they have learned.

I can come during the day while you are at work or while you are at home.  

One week of Day Training:  $300

One month of Day Training:  $900 (includes 4 weeks of day training.)

There is a $1 per mile travel fee added to those outside of Garden City or Holcomb.

Training a Puppy with Snack

Private Sessions


Each session runs about an hour.  I work directly with you and your pups to get a behavior plan going.

I do work with aggressive/reactive dogs and private sessions are best for these issues. 

Basic package prices:
1 session: $125
3 sessions: $325
6 sessions: $550
10 sessions: $750

Clients can start with smaller session packages and upgrade as we go.

There is a $1 per mile travel fee added to those outside of Garden City or Holcomb.


My Story

I utilize a variety of training techniques with a focus on modern operant conditioning emphasizing positive reinforcement and animal choice.

My animal training journey began in 1992 with my loving 8-year-old Doberman mix. I trained her for state and local obedience competitions. I acquired my B.S. degree in Animal Ecology with a minor in Biology at Iowa State University. From there I went into the zoo field where I eventually became a curator. In 2010 I began teaching group classes for basic dog obedience part-time with the Garden City Recreation Commission and Garden City Veterinary Clinic.

In 2018 I left the zoo field to start Buchman Best Behaviors to help our community understand their furrier family members. Since the switch, I have been happy to help more and more families in SWKS and surrounding states with fear-free/pain-free methods. From basic obedience, puppy training, to reactive animals that need a gentler touch.


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Temple Grandin

"I believe that the best way to create good living conditions for any animal, whether it's a captive animal living in a zoo, a farm animal or a pet, is to base animal welfare programs on the core emotion systems in the brain. My theory is that the environment animals live in should activate their positive emotions as much as possible, and not activate their negative emotions any more than necessary. If we get the animal's emotions right, we will have fewer problem behaviors... All animals and people have the same core emotion systems in the brain."  

― Temple Grandin, Animals Make Us Human: Creating the Best Life for Animals

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